Verdi refresh

Verdi refresh

The air-purifying curtain

With his long-lasting air-purifying function, Verdi Refresh is revolutionary for the functional textile market.
You can compare the effect of Verdi Refresh to natural plants – with one significant advantage- Verdi Refresh is working day and night.
It´s not only recommended for the household but also for hotels, hospitals and public facilities.
That´s how Verdi Refresh works:
It purifies the air, so it improves our quality of life
24 hours without needing daylight
It removes unpleasant odors and gases, that could affect our health
It is a natural and eco-friendly product
All features were tested, approved and certified by accredited labs

The Tanriverdi team developed Verdi Refresh to improve our quality of life. An exclusive formula on natural catalytic-base is used to break down harmful gases in the air such as NOx, VOC and formaldehyde.
Just 5m² of the Verdi Refresh fabric can exempt a room about 15m² from unpleasant and harmful gases in 3,5 hours. We can offer that finishing process as a special production from at least 200 m.

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